Civil Mediation/Arbitration

Understanding an alternative course

Family-Law-IconIn legal circles, Civil Mediation and Arbitration are both call Alternative Dispute Resolution.

In laymen terms, Mediation and Arbitration mean resolving legal disputes without involving a judge or jury and avoiding excessive legal expenses.

The rising cost of litigation is making traditional lawsuits impractical. At the same time, civil courts face backlogged dockets, resulting in delays of a year or more to have cases heard by a jury.

Alternative Dispute Resolution processes are now being used to save time and money for everyone involved.

Schafstall Admire provides Mediation Services. Unlike Arbitration, Mediation does not involve an adversarial hearing, and there is no decision-making official present.

Our goal is to bring together the parties and serve as a neutral facilitator. Our job is to help the parties reach a voluntary settlement of the case.

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